9 Best Exercises For Glutes At Home

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9 Best Exercises For Glutes At Home



How exercises for gluteal at home?

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their looks and appearances and work more rigorously towards achieving a perfect body and shape.

Courtesy physical fitness awareness programs and celebs who flaunt their ripped bodies, common people aspire to look like them.

The shape of your butt is dependent on various factors besides the size of your glutes.


Let’s talk bigger butt today!

There are many women who want to lose fat and downsize their butts, but there are, also, many women who want to gain some butt!

The skinny body type, also called ectomorph, will probably remain skinny throughout their life.

It’s because they are born with a very fast metabolism and naturally skinny. Have you noticed like some people can eat whatever they want and never gain weight?

Where some people gain weight by just looking at peanut butter or ice cream.

Well, ectomorths are the lucky ones, they can eat whenever they want and never get fat or over weight.


Now, you think you’ve got the perfect body with exercises for glutes but the minute you turn your back, you see the real truth.

How do you get that flabby backside to come into real shape?

what should women with flat butts do ?

Are you feeling a little pear shaped?

is there any way to exercise to find bigger glutes?

The answer to it is quite simple.”Yes”.

Well then all you need are some exercises for glutes at home , You’ll be beating off the opposite sex with a stick – and then filing for harassment possibly.


Below are some of the best exercises gluteus at home, that can be done on your own without the use of a gym membership.

After all gym membership these days cost a lot and you’d be thanking me for a few dollars saved.


  • Walking

It’s been proven that a 170 pound male can burn up to 400 calories during an hour of brisk walking exercises for gluts.

Any more explanations would be futile.

One advice: Drop the Ferrari and walk to work!


  • Biking

These wonderful inventions engage just about every muscle you can think of, including your heart.

If you are using a stationary bike, you can alternate 3 minutes of 70-80 RPM with 2 minutes at 100-110 RPM.

Feel the burn!


  • Running

How do you get a perfect body if you don’t have money for gym or a bike?

Run! It’s a lot easier to learn than biking and even a 5-yr old can do it! A normal jog with a few hilly areas in your route is the way to go if you’re middle-aged and want your body to be toned and fresh when you retire.

For younger people, I’d suggest sprinting because that burns up your calories real fast, along exercises for gluts with giving you a perfect backside.

After a while, your ability to run will increase and you’ll find yourself running for up to an hour.

Not only will those glutes look fantastic, but you’ll be able to outrun the dog that’s chasing you too this is a top exercises for glutes at home.


  • Butt Ups

All you have to do for this exercise is to lie on your back, fold your knees and begin to bring your hips and butt upward.




Do this for at least 8 repitions with 4 sets each with only 30 seconds interval for rest.

This is a good way to both lessen the circumference of your hips and your butt areas but also to firm those shabby muscles and fats on your arse.

But be careful not to overdo it as you may suffer cramping expecially if you are not used to doing such an exercise.


  • Pilates

Another good exercises for glutes at home is pilates especially those concentrating on the lower back down to the thighs.


Now this is the exercise that you would want if you are planning on reducing those pounds off of your arse.

As Anna Bitch Bandula said, pilates is not only the calming exercise for the mind but for your butt as well.


  • Squats

Squatting is probably one of the oldest and surest ways to get the perfect hip.



How do you do it?

Easy. Just stand with your feet wide apart, straighten your back and bend your knees.

Remember not to bend your back while doing this, because that actually takes away the meaning of this exercise.

Start with around 3 sets of 8-16 repetitions and gradually increase your exercises for glutes.

And you can hold weights at shoulder level to increase the power of the exercise.

Now bend your knees, keeping your knees behind your toes, keeping your torso straightened and lower yourself into a squat.

You only have to squat slightly less than a ninety degree angle.

More like 45 degrees. Then raise again.


  • Lunges

If you want to push it up a notch, you should add lunges to your exercises for glutes at home because they provide exercise to a number of muscles simultaneously.



In addition to the hamstrings and glutes, you’ll also be working on the calves and the quadriceps.

There are a number of ways you could go ahead with lunges. Some being the side-to-side, sliding and low.

Pro tip: Try using your back foot to step on something for some elevation, but stop at once if you feel any pain in your knee.


  • Step ups

Going back to one of the most common exercises, step ups come right on top when you’re talking about the best exercises for glutes at home.

By concentrating the majority of your body weight on the leg you’re stepping with, you’re working your glutes a way they’ve never been worked before.

Also try not to put any weight on the other leg too much while stepping as it neutralizes your effort.


  • Resistance training

Weight lifting is extremely important in gluteus maximus building process.

Keep it simple and don’t overdo sets and reps.

Basically, a typical ectomorph workout should focus first on power lifting. Do lunges, squats, dead-lifts, for example, for a few months of your training.

Basic bodybuilding exercises are your best friends here.

When strength and size increase , you can gradually add a few more compound movements.

It’s a step-by-step process that requires discipline and dedication, but the results will be absolutely worth it!

Another thing that is very important in getting a bigger butt – heavier weights and lower repetitions.

Lift weight that challenges you on the 5-6th reps.

Also, it’s good to do anywhere from 6 to 8 sets.

You suggested sets: 4-6

Suggested sets: 6-8

Suggested load: as much weight as possible with good form.

You need to really feel the last two repetitions.

Take one step at a time and be consistent and the results will come!

Here is a SAMPLE training plan for Ectomorph:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Leg Day Walk Up Hill Shoulders Walk Up Hill Rest Arms HIIT
Barbell Squats Abs Shoulder Press Abs Close Grip EZ-bar Extensions Abs
Deadlift Rear Deltoid Flyes Close Grip Barbell Presses
Front Lunge Barbell Wide Grip Press Dumbbell Alternated Curls
Leg Extensions Side Delt Raises Hammer Curls
Leg Curls



Cardio training for ectomorphs

This should be kept to a minimum, to avoid burning off your lean muscle gaining attempts.

When you are in as serious muscle gain phase, I’d recommend only 10-20 minutes of slow cardio three to four times a week.

If your workouts are either longer or more intense then you’ll boost your already revved up metabolism and burn more calories – which will detract from your muscle shaping.

A slow walk up hill is a good cardio for you, if you’re trying to build a bigger gluteus maximus.


But what about gluteus medius ?

There are two main muscles in the buttocks, gluteus maximus and gluteus medius which are very important muscles when it comes to supporting the body in a standing upright position and when in motion.

The gluteus medius is an upper buttock muscle which controls the movement of the leg.

The most important function that this muscle performs is stabilizing the pelvic when we walk or run, as the body weight is on only one leg.

Gluteus medius exercises will help strengthen this important muscle and can be beneficial in preventing injuries to the pelvis which can be terrifying. Exercising the gluteus muscles will also help you tone your posterior, and make you look great.

For the ladies it will help you get a bigger and firmer butt. These gluteus muscles are overlooked by many, while designing a workout routine as six pack abs are the in-thing nowadays.

There are literally countless exercises for gluteus medius exercises.

we will be looking at 4 proven gluteus medius exercises which will work the gluteus medius muscles:

1 – Position yourself standing straight and balance your body weight between both of your feet.



Balance your body by putting your hand on a chair, against a wall, or any substitute supportive and then lift one of your leg sideways.

Remain standing on the other leg while doing this.

Be sure to stand straight while doing this exercise. Complete at lease 10-15 repetitions on both sides.


2 – Lie on your back. Bend your knees and plant your feet flat on the floor. Put your right ankle on your left knee.

Bring up your right hip and buttocks. Perform this action 10 times. Switch legs for another 10 reps.

Put both feet down and lift your buttocks off the floor. Keep your back against the floor.

Sometimes, a person will have a tendency to raise his lower back off the floor when working the gluteus medius muscles.

Remember to squeeze the buttocks and bring the butt back on the floor. Do this for a count of 20 with 10 reps.


3 – Lay down on your side. You can lay on your right or left side.

Bend the bottom leg or leave the leg straight.

Extend the top leg in front of your body that is lined with the torso.

Avoid shifting your weight or body back, as this will put too much weight on the hip that is resting on the floor.

By raising the leg upward, you put pressure against the gluteus medius muscle.

Hold your leg high in the air for a few seconds, and then lower for 10 reps. Do the same for the other side.


4 – Do lunges or climb stairs to work these muscles.

You can also work them when you kneel and stand back up.

Or try kneeling down on both knees.

Lift your left leg off the floor and then bring it down.

Repeat for 10 reps. Do the same on the right side.


In fact, we have to thank the likes of Bradd Pitt and Jennifer Lopez for the sudden popularity of exercises that help enhance the appearance of one’s behind.

There are quite many exercises to make your butts toned and firmed.

Exercises like dead lifts, cable kickbacks, and lower back extensions, are some of the best exercises to get a toned butt.

A typical work out session should comprise of 3 to 4 sets in order to attain enhanced buttocks.

Correct use of bigger weights must be maintained as you go on for higher weights.

Start with longer sets and repetitions and work out hard.

Continue the process with correct movements; you are sure to see desired results on your buttock very soon.

Exercise for most people is a luxury.

Given their schedules at work, and the things they have to juggle between home and the outseide world, many struggle to find the time to go to the gym.

This might seenm as a very tedious and a very time consuming activity once you begin it, but when the time comes you do it regularly and has made a habit out of it, the benefits on your health are astounding.

You feel lighter, more energetic, and more prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to deal with what the world has to throw on your lap.

But of course aside from the obvious health benefits that comes with exercise, there are people who take on this particular activity to make a physical transformation – like lose weight and to build more muscles and to accentuate their curves and assets.

This is also okay and recommendable since you are not putting yourself at risk compared to when you go cosmetological and dermatological procedures in a clinic or in a hospital.


Finally, I thank you, and I hope you have found the joy and interest in this article.


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