Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way




Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way

Setting Your Weight Lifting Workout Goals:

Setting goals is an important part of any bodybuilding workouts program and tailoring your workout program to achieving these goals is crucial.

Knowing what you want to achieve and how you’re going to go about it is a surefire way of keeping your interest too.

Here in this article, we need to talk about: Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way

Too many people have unrealistic expectations of what they want to achieve and little or no idea of how they’re going to get there.

Before long, the once regular trips to the gym become a grind as the realisation sets in that in order to meet those original goals will require a lot more effort than first thought.

So what are your goals? Are you looking to build muscle, lose weight, train for a particular sport or you just want a healthier lifestyle?

Start off by setting realistic goals you know you can reach to: Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way.


Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way


Although it’s great to have a vision of the goals you ultimately want, you need to have short-term goals too.
Reach to your goals by : Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way

If you’re new to weight lifting, concentrate on goals that will get you healthier before attempting to build muscle, strength or whatever you see yourself doing long term.

As you meet these short-term goals, your confidence in your ability will increase and this will make reaching your long-term goals easier to reach.

Once you’vre established your goals, you can then start to plan your bodybuilding workouts program.

A bit of knowledge about the various muscle groups and how they are related and interact with each other goes a long way in helping you to tailor a workout program to meet your goals.

Joining a gym is an effective way to not only undertake the correct exercises on the proper equipment, but it also offers an environment where you can get advice and it will also give you an incentive to make working out into a habit.

If you’re paying for something on a regular basis, you’re more likely to follow through with it.

If the gym is not your cup of tea, working out at home with your own equipment is another option.

This approach will take a lot more will power as you will be in an environment which will offer a lot more distractions, however for some people who may not like the whole gym environment, or feel self-conscious about working out in a gym, it’s a great alternative.

Whatever route you take, establish those goals, make them realistic, plan your bodybuilding workouts program and take action.


Lift Like An Egyptian; Build Mega Strength With Pyramiding:

Challenge yourself with one of the oldest, proven strength training techniques

Bodybuilding workouts programs come and go but one method has stood the test of time.

Pyramiding is a simple, yet effective method for building strength and muscle.

It has gone through several incarnations but the system remains the same: progressively increase resistance through weight, reps, sets or a combination of these parameters.


Benefits Of bodybuilding workouts Pyramiding:

Regardless of your fitness objective or type of sport, you can use the principles of Pyramiding to help you improve performance.

Here are the benefits of adapting a Pyramiding system:

  • Reduces the risk of injury by slowly preparing the mind and body for more progressive workloads;
  • Saves time by removing guesswork from your training program;
  • Pyramiding can be used to build strength, muscle or improve conditioning;
  • Highly diversified training method: there are many possible schemes and combinations for Pyramiding routines.

Pyramiding is an efficient system for any progressive resistance training program.

Its applications can be customized to support your individual goals and objectives.


Different Types Of Benefits Of bodybuilding workouts Pyramiding:

As the concept of Pyramiding began to circulate and find its way to other types of physical activity, its proponents started to develop their own approach to the system.

Before we go through each type of Pyramiding system, let’s take some time to understand how the weights are derived for your program.

If you know what your maximum 1-rep weight is per exercise, all you need to do is to find the percentage to calculate the working weight for each set:


Number of Reps Percentage of 1-Rep Max
12 50%
10 60%
8 70%
6 80%
4 90%
2 95%


Thus, if your 1-rep maximum in the Squat is 198 Ib, your Pyramiding workout would look like this. Please take note that I have rounded out the numbers:


Number of Reps Percentage of 198 Ib
12 99 Ib
10 121 Ib
8 132 Ib
6 154 Ib
4 176 Ib
2 187 Ib


If you don’t know what your 1-rep maximum is, simply use a weight that you can do 1-2 reps more than indicated.

For example, if you can do 13-14 reps with 99 Ib, that should be your working weight for the set of 12 reps.

For your rest periods, rest up to 2 minutes when attempting sets that target 8 to 12 reps and 3 minutes when hitting 2 to 6 reps.


Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way


Here are a few of the most popular types of Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding Pyramiding systems:

  1. Ascending Pyramid

This is the most basic of all Pyramiding systems. In an Ascending Pyramid system, you are increasing the amount of weight while decreasing the number of reps for each set.

A standard rep scheme for Ascending Pyramiding system is 12-10-8-6-4-2 which would look like the example we have for the person who has a maximum Squat of 198 Ib .

  1. Descending Pyramid

In a Descending Pyramid, you will warm up until you are ready to attempt 95% of your maximum weight for 2 reps then work your way down to 12 reps.

In other words, you will decrease the weight and increase the number of reps for each set.


A Descending Pyramid workout will look like this:


Number of Reps Weight:
2 187 Ib
4 176 Ib
6 154 Ib
8 132 Ib
10 121 Ib
12 99 Ib


It should be noted that when you work your way up to 187 Ib, you should not be tired.

A good warm up would be:

It’s good to have a spotter to get you through your pyramid training


  • 99 Ib x 10 reps
  • 110 Ib x 5 reps
  • 132 Ib x 3 reps
  • 154 Ib x 2 reps
  • 176 Ib x 1 rep

When doing a Descending Pyramid, do not tire yourself out from the warm up. You will introduce lactic acid early in the program and this will affect your performance.

  1. Triangle Pyramid

If you want to seriously challenge yourself, the Triangle Pyramid is for you. This type of Pyramiding combines the Ascending and Descending methods.

A Triangle Pyramid workout would look like this:


Number of Reps Weight:
12 99 Ib
10 121 Ib
8 132 Ib
6 154 Ib
4 176 Ib
2 187 Ib
4 176 Ib
6 154 Ib
8 132 Ib
10 121 Ib
12 99 Ib


You are not expected to hit all the reps on the Descending part of the Triangle. For example, if you can’t hit 6 reps with 159 Ib, aim for at least 4 reps.

Do not attempt the Triangle Pyramid until you have had at least 1 month experience on both Ascending and Descending methods.

  1. Strength Pyramid

If you want to focus on building strength, this is the pyramid system for you. The Strength Pyramid maintains a rep range while increasing the amount of weight.

Unlike the Ascending or Descending methods, your working sets start at 70% of your maximum effort:


Number of Reps Weight:
5 132 Ib
5 143 Ib
5 154 Ib
5 165 Ib
5 176 Ib
5 154 Ib
5 132 Ib


If you notice the structure is similar to the standard strength formula of 5 sets of 5 reps with the addition of 2 drop sets.

The purpose of the drop sets is to add more volume to your workout.

  1. Hypertrophy Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding Pyramid

Hypertrophy means muscle growth and the ideal rep range would be 6 to 8. With the Hypertrophy Pyramid, we introduce another parameter: Time.

You will use the same weight throughout the workout but rest for only 30 to 45 seconds between sets:


Number of Reps Weight:
12 99 Ib
10 99 Ib
8 99 Ib
6 99 Ib
4 99 Ib
2 99 Ib


You can use all of these Pyramiding methods for a 10 week weight training program:

Week No: Pyramid Method:
1 -2 Ascending
3 -4 Descending
5 Triangle
6 – 9 Strength
10 Hypertrophy


Make sure you keep track of your numbers so you can adjust your workload periodically.

Further, it should be noted that while the principle of Pyramiding can be applied to almost every exercise, it works best with compound lifts such as SquatsDeadliftBench Press and Shoulder Press.

Pyramiding is a proven way to get great results from your training.

It is a classic, timeless strength and muscle building system that will continue to remain relevant in the years ahead.


Weight Lifting Workouts – Choose the Right One with Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding:


Bodybuilding workouts is crucial to reaching your health and fitness goals.  Research has proved that a combination or weight training and cardio exercise helps build slabs of muscle and shed unwanted pounds of fat than any other combination of workouts.

Additionally athletes can use weight lifting workouts to build power output, reduce their chance of injury and improve sporting performance.

However, the number of muscle building and strength routines that exist in magazines, on the internet and in gyms across the country mean most people are either intimidated or confused and end up half heartedly following weight training workouts that will never work!

Below are some of the various methods of working out with weights and cardio so you can decide which one is for you.


Bodybuilding Workouts and Pyramiding | The Most Appropriate Way


  • Body Part Training Split

This involves working out different parts of the body, normally once a week per body part.

Trainees typically follow different workout plans each day to emphasise that days body part e.g.

Monday can be chest and Biceps, Tuesday is legs and Shoulders, Thursday Back and Triceps, Friday is Core work.

This is what’s known as a four day body part split and is very popular among the bodybuilding workouts fraternity as it allows them to focus on a specific muscle group each day – however it’s not without its drawbacks. Read on…


  • Circuit Training

This involves selecting a series of exercises – usually multi-joint, compound exercises (think deadlifts, squats, clean and press etc.) and completing one set of each before moving on to the next exercise.

At the completion of one “circuit” you return to the first exercise and start again – typically until 3 or 4 circuits have been completed.

These type of weight lifting workouts are especially popular with people looking to shed fat in a short amount of time although it’s not necessarily as effective for building muscle on its own.


  • Periodization Training

This simply means dividing your training into different cycles e.g. “off-season” and “on-season”.

You may have weight lifting workouts for building strength and power and bulking up during non-competition time and then another for building endurance and staying at that level during your on season.

There are several different types of periodization depending on your goal.

Linear periodization is where each goal is accomplished individually e.g. month one you may focus on strength training in the bodybuilding workouts , month two on endurance etc.

Non-linear periodization attempts to combine all the elements into a shorter time span of more focused weight lifting workouts to create a better rounded athlete.


Finally, I thank you, and I hope you have found the joy and interest in this article.

If you are looking for other topics that interest you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I hope you always do well.


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