Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass is the power of active ingredients, thanks to which:

  • you’ll get spectacular muscle mass
  • you’ll maximise muscle growth
  • you’ll improve your efficiency
  • you’ll increase your strength
  • AOL formula increases the synthesis of growth hormone
  • Enriched with creatine, BCAA and l-glutamine
  • Available in two delicious flavours: vanilla and chocolate

flavour: Chocolate


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Nutrigo Lab Mass

This is a unique blend of active ingredients enclosed in the form of a delicious chocolate or vanilla shake.

We have included the best animal protein in the form of a concentrate, Isolac® isolate and Optipep® hydrolysate.

High-quality proteins give you an advantage over others about following points:

  • Firstly, they are more effective in building muscles and increasing strength
  • Secondly, they repair muscle damage during training
  • Thirdly, they replenish glycogen stores
  • Then, they deliver essential amino acids much faster
  • And provide faster absorption

However, the composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass is not only the best protein on the market, but also a complex of three types of carbohydrates with different levels of absorption.

This ensures a systematic supply of energy to your muscles and allows you to effectively build lean body mass and reduce fatigue.

In addition, thanks to the formula of AOL, creatine and l-glutamine you will feel a clear difference in the quality of training.



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