WalkingPad Treadmill

●The lightweight aluminum alloy frame greatly reduces the weight of the body and saves effort when moving. More sturdy and durable.

●Foldable design patent, the area after folding is less than half a square meter,  the size is small, the body is slim, and the desk can be placed under the sofa at home.

●Intimate moving wheel, easy to move and save effort.

●Comfortable walking platform.Switch between running / walking mode at will

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WalkingPad Treadmill

R1 2 in 1 Smart Folding Walking Pad Running Machine Remote Control Modes Outdoor Indoor Sports Gym Electricl Fitness Equipment – CN Version


– 180 degree folding, greatly reducing the occupied space, and the floor space.
– Upright storage, only 15 cm thick, covering an area of ​​less than 0.2 square meters.
There is a moving roller at the bottom of the treadmill, which can be placed in a small
corner of the home to save space.
– The motor cabin is fully integrated with the track and field track and is more sporty.
– The high-brightness translucent panel combines the LED light panel with the panel,
and the high-contrast visual effect makes the motion data clearer.
– The R1 treadmill has two unique designs, the regular form can be a treadmill,
and the armrests can be stored down to become a more space-saving walker.
– Brushless motor to suppress noise.
– The integrated aluminum alloy material is used as the skeleton structure for greater durability and stability.
– Wear-resistant non-slip running belt, EVA soft layer with cushioning effect, smooth layer
with low friction coefficient, and durable high-density fiberboard.
– Fine remote control, comfortable to grasp.
– Foot sense control speed, uniform speed, deceleration, acceleration three induction areas.
– Multiple security protection, novice speed limit, child lock function, automatic standby, overload protection.
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