WHAT ARE THE BEST BACK EXERCISES AT HOME? Most of us these days suffer from various back problems.

Staying fit is one of the main criteria that is a must for continuing with a healthy life and for retaining the quality of life.

Most of the problems that we suffer from are due to bad posture and lack of stretching in back.

It can also be attributed to the fact that the back muscle as weakened and loosed due to weight gain which can be corrected by weight loss.

Back exercises at home will not only enable you to look great with the signature “V taper look” but it will also help you strengthen your back.

Your back is one of the main pillars that will enable you to maintain your posture as well as ensure that you face no problems in mobility.

Back exercises at home also help in doing away with your back stiffness, injury and even pain.

That is why they should be performed in the proper manner.

There are various types of back exercises at home, like back exercises at home with dumbbells as well as back exercises at home without weights.

Below are enlisted some of the best back exercises at home, that you can easily practice at home without going out.


Back exercises At Home with weights:

     1. Dead-lifts:

Dead-lifts done in the proper manner are sure to keep your back in shape and also make it super stronger.

Moreover they also help in reducing back stiffness and thus reduce pain if done in the proper manner.

All you have to do is lower or bend your hips down after standing with the hips wide apart.

Make sure that you hold the grip in a way so that it is outside your knees. Then try to stand up again by lifting the weight along with you.

The shoulders should move to the rear while you are doing this.




After that put down the weight very slowly by keeping your eyes right in front of you towards the ground.

One thing should be kept in mind that it is not a back exercises at home for beginners though it can be considered to be part of back exercises for women.


     2. Russian Twists:

This is one exercise that can be easily considered to be back workouts at home.

The general lumber area, abdominals as well as obliques and in short almost your entire body are engaged in this particular exercise.

This can be also made more difficult and turned into back workouts with dumbbells by lifting a dumbbell with the motion.




You can also balance your entire body weight on the tail bone and try this which will make it more challenging.


     3. Back Bows:

This can be used in a great way to tone both your lower and upper portion of the body. This is a great way of strengthening as well as reducing your back pain.




All you have to do is lie down with your face on the ground and try to lift the upper as well the lower portion of the body.

This will also empower your hamstrings and obliques.


     4. Pull Ups For The Back:

This is another of the back exercises at home without weights.




All you have to do is hang from a pull up rod in such a way that the hands are outside the breadth of the shoulders.

Then you have to move up or rather pull up until chin touches the.


     5. Rolling Down:

All you have to do, here, is roll down towards the ground by standing straight and tall at first.

Try this as far as you can before curling back up and standing straight.




While doing this make sure that your shoulders and chest remain close to the thighs. This can be done with a light weight to.


Back  exercises At Home

     6. Physio Ball Back Extensions:

This calls for proper anchoring of your feet so that they can support you properly as you stretch over the ball.




Full motion should be ensured before you can slowly move up from the ball. Slow and controlled movements are the basic criteria of this stretch.


     7. Medicine Ball Pendulum Swing:

This one needs you to fully include the back and the obliques by standing absolutely straight.




You have to rotate calmly and slowly so that your entire body is involved in the motion.


Best 5 back exercises at home without weights:

     1. Kneeling Supermans:

Lie face down on your intestinal system with the hands stretched out in forward palms downward facing and the legs extended behind you.

Bend your knees slightly and lift up your body to both your arms and legs.

Knees apart and below the hips, hands flat on ground and apart from each other.

Retain the spine in a neutral position, without bending the back or turning the hips,

Now in one swift motion lift your right leg backward stretching it without bending your knee at the same time lift up your left hand forward stretching it palms facing down without bending the elbow.

This position is to held for 10 seconds and then come back to original all four positions.

Now alternate with other leg and hand. This exercise can be done easily around 10 times a day.

You can squeeze at the top of each movement so that you can gain maximum strength from the motion.

Besides strengthening the back, It also tomes down stomach and lower back fat that causes lower back pain.




The exercise is best known for strengthening exercise glutens muscles also and is a good Back exercises at home without weights.


Back exercises at home without weights

     2. Dolphin Kick:

You lie flat on your stomach in the mat, your face in line with your body and the face facing down.

Make your legs and feet placed together and ensure that the feet are pointed.

Then slowly lift up your body and place your entire weight on arms and toes like in push ups position.

Slowly bend your knees and as your elbows are already bent balance of your palms of hands and knees in all fours.

Now slowly extend one leg to bring it to a straight line. Start lifting leg up slowly till you feel a stretch in your leg, hamstring and back.

The higher you lift the better it is for your back. Hold the position for 3 seconds and then return to original position again.




Repeat 10 times in each leg alternatively. This exercise strengthens back and reduces back pain.


     3. Pilates Swimmers

This one is one work out that is going to have an impact on your entire body.

It may seem a bit difficult at first to coordinate your entire body but with slow and controlled motions you will be able to accomplish this.





Back exercises at home without weights

     4. Hip Hinge:

Stand straight placing your hands on hips. Make sure that your feet are slightly apart and are wider than your body and resolutely fixed on the ground.

Began the exercise by engaging your core muscles, and pushing in your abs down and drawing your shoulders marginally back to a nonaligned neck position.

Bend forward slightly without bending your knees and chest pumped out.

Tighten your lower back muscles as you lift up your arms as far as you can extend your arms in one swift movement that your body forms a natural V position standing up.

Balance your weight on heels. Your lower back should be completed stretched and slightly form a curve in response to the stretch.




This is the exercise that is most knee friendly of back exercises. It also fully stretches out back and lower back.

This exercise is best done in the mornings and hence gets their other names early morning exercise.

Since weight is placed on the heels this exercise is good for legs and is quite effectively performed even by beginners easily.


     5. Twister

This is a simple yet effective exercise for entire back.

This exercise mainly targets lower back, bas, upper back, hips and butt. The main exercise is fairly simple though it can be done in many variations.

Stand straight on the ground with feet placed firmly on floor.

Place your hands behind your head with elbows bend in a straight line. Now bend down so that your face is parallel to your stomach and till you feel a stretch in your abs.

Now slightly twist your hips yo the right stretching your back and abs as you do so and switch it again to the left in swift motion.

Do not hold in one side for more than 2 seconds as this is better done as a high cardio workout to increase the heart rate.




This exercise is extremely effective both in aiding weight loss and in strengthening exercise for back and abs.


Exercises to relieve low back pain:


For virtually everyone, the chances that at some time in their lives something will go wrong with their backs are considerable.

There are, after all, more muscles, joints, bones, nerves and ligaments running up and down the vertebrae in close proximity to each other than in any other part of the body.

Exercise is very good for you, as I’m sure you appreciate, but it’s particularly good for you as an upper back pain treatment, if you adopt a couple of simple guidelines, and practice the right workouts.

Here’s a list of easy and effective physical exercises that should help relieve back pain and offer some gratefully received chronic back pain relief:


     1. Shift and lift:

This is a great exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles around your mid and lower back, hips and buttocks (in particular) while sitting in the office.

Even though this is something that you can practice while sat at your desk, owing to the nature of the ‘lifting’ factor of the exercise,

I would suggest that you don’t do this while there’s other people too close to you, for example.

They may get the wrong idea about you!

Regardless of that, this is a great exercise for reducing any stiffness or soreness that may arise from sitting still for long periods of time, and it will help strengthen those muscles too!

Start off by sitting down in a comfortable but upright chair, relax and then clench the muscle in one buttock and hold for a couple of seconds, lifting your cheek slightly at the same time.

Relax and rest for 1 or 2 seconds and then repeat. Do this 15-20 repetitions with each buttock.


     2. Hip sway:

This is neat little exercise to do if you are standing for any length of time, as it relieves the tautness in your legs and increases the blood flow within your legs, hips and back.

It also reduces or even eliminates chronic lower back pain that many individuals are affected by if they are required to stand up for any length of time.

Start from a standing position, completely relax your right knee, while at the same time pushing your left hip out to the side.

Pull the hip back in again, and repeat the same action 15-20 times. Afterwards, allow your left knee to bend and relax, and drive your right hip out in the same manner.


     3. Lifting:

Go find a bag – a supermarket plastic bag, or anything else with extended handles for lifting will do the trick.

Place something fairly heavy in the bag – what you put in isn’t important, but make sure it weighs at least a couple of kilos (filled plastic bottles are just right for this, as a liter bottle of water weighs pretty much a kilo).

Place your arm straight down by your side, bend at the knees until you can reach the bag on the floor and then straighten your legs and lift the bag.

Once you’re back upright again, hold the upright position for a few seconds, and then bend your knees to touch the bag down again.

Repeat 15 times with the bag on one side of your body, then repeat it on the other side.

When done correctly – that is, by bending at the knees and not from your back – this is a very powerful exercise for strengthening the middle and lower back, glutes and hips, but it will also help to keep your arms and thighs in great shape.


     4. Shrugging:

This is a really easy exercise that not only helps keep your lower back toned, it is also a great way of expelling the tautness that builds up in your shoulders and neck.

It’s also very good for toning your arms and shoulder muscles.

It’s and exercise you can do pretty much anywhere so whenever you get a minute – get shrugging.

For the starting position, just shrug your shoulders all the way up to your ears (or at least as far as you can), then extend your arms sideways from your body until they are parallel to the ground and turn your palms so they face outward.

Finally, tilt your head to the side to touch your shoulder and hold that position for a few seconds.

Return to the beginning and do the whole thing again, but this time, tilt your head to the other side.


Finally, I thank you, and I hope you have found the joy and interest in this article. If you are looking for other topics that interest you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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